Get Back

Seems the gendarmes got lucky and found over 500 original Beatles tapes, including many previously unreleased tracks. (See article below) EMI is being coy about it, but you know the suits have GOT to be drooling like a roomful of Pavlov's dogs. How long before EMI comes out with a new cd of some of the previously unreleased material? A month? Two months? A year? It would be cool if someone had the bright idea to remaster and release on DVD-Audio and SACD.

Police 'Get Back' Rare Beatles Tapes
Fri Jan 10,11:42 AM ET
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LONDON (Reuters) - Rare tapes of The Beatles' most famous recording session were seized on Friday in an anti-piracy swoop more than 30 years after they went missing, police said.

Detectives in southeast England and The Netherlands arrested six people and found hundreds of tapes of the Fab Four playing in 1969.

Police found 500 reel-to-reel tapes with dozens of songs made at the infamous "Get Back" sessions during which arguments split the band.

"The tapes themselves are the only original recordings made and may contain material which has never been previously released," City of London police said in a statement.

"This fact renders the tapes to be priceless to the record industry and collectors of Beatles memorabilia."

Beatles fans have been able to buy pirate copies of the recordings for years.

The tapes cover a key chapter in the band's history and contain songs which later formed part of the "Let it Be" album.

Police said two people were arrested on suspicion of theft and handling stolen goods in west London and four in an unnamed town west of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. No more details of the suspects were released.

The raids came after an investigation by police and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the London-based body which represents the global recording industry.

IFPI chairman Jay Berman praised the police operation and said music piracy had become increasingly sophisticated.

EMI Group Plc (news - web sites), the British record company which owns the tapes, said it was unclear what would now happen to the tapes.

"Music piracy is a serious crime," David Munns, vice-chairman of EMI Record Music, said in a statement.
I thought all the rights to the Beatles work was purchased by Michael Jackson... or was it just the Apple Records?

The getting-stranger-all-the-time single gloved one bought the publishing rights to the Beatles songs. Not the performances. So he'll get a cut on any sales by a legit company.
Michael may not realize this. I'm not sure he has the nose for it anymore.