Get a DAC for CD63SE or a new CD?

I have upgraded my downstream electronics and would like to upgrade my primary digital source. Would it be better to upgrade my present CD or consider a new CD. No phono input and no plans to go HT. Thank you for your opinions and advice.
My 2 cents worth. I am a former owner of a CD63SE which I sold in favor of a DVD player as a transport. I loved the CD player but found it a bit bright at times. I first bought a MSB Link DAC and a digital cable from Millersound in Pennsylvania. I found the combination to be excellent. You can find a Link DAC for around $250-$300 used without looking too hard. I love mine and have no desire to trade it. I do wonder if I should have sold the CD63SE though...Some people you talk to will knock DAC's because of jitter, etc. I only know that the combination in my system along with my Jolida integrated tube amp and Silver Bullet 4.0 interconnects makes me very happy. Good luck. Dan
What other components do you have?How much are you ready to spend?For now I can only say that transport is just as important as a converter.I,myself would either go with much better player or upgrade in two steps.
Thanks for the input Mikhail, the preamp is a Chiro 800, the power amp is a Chiro C-200, the budget is $1,000.
The Monarchy DAC's are very natural AND dynamic. Awesome value. The 63SE is a nice sounding player. You system has to be up to it to appreciate differences in Hi end digital.
Try the Bel Canto Dac-1. I purchased one two weeks ago after auditioning at my home on my equipment a number of dacs and DVD units. What the Dac-1 does for your system is unbelievable. Check out the wedsite: and the follow up. Also: Email me with any questions you have. Regards, Larry
I also recommend a good quality outboard DAC. I use a Muse Model Two with Sony CA9ES and XA7ES CD players-- excellent results. The CA9 definitely needs the quality of the outboard DAC, but the XA7 doesn't. I used to have a CD63SE, and thought it was a little thin and analytical using its on-board DAC. I never did hook it up to an outboard DAC, but I would think the 63 would make an excellent transport. I like the many play/program features of inexpensive CD players and the music quality of good outboard DACs. I also use Theta TLC and Sonic Frontiers jitter reducers between CD player and DAC. Besides yielding better music, they also convert Toslink to Coax.. There are many good DACs under $1K.
$1000.00 don't buy first-rate player new.(I have not heard Musical Fidelity from have dealt with this company many times without any problem.If you call them talk to Ken or Chris.They also have demo.Parasound 2000 Ultra.This one I heard in my system.It was in completely different class than my Luxman 355(about the same or a bit better performance than your Marantz).But my unit (Parasound) was damaged in shippment and at that time they did not have a replacement.Later I bought from them CEC 5100Z new which is similar to the Parasound but,I think,is even better.Another alternative is to find used excellent converter and later replace your 63SE(I suggest CEC 5100, have it now for $800.00 new).I would go with Timbre DAC or,perhaps,Classe.
I say go with the Bel Canto DAC-1. I don't even see the new upsampling optioned MSB Link DAC getting close to it.
It seems that I'm the only one pointing at a complete new (or secondhand) player. As Dwright already mentioned, there are some problems concerning external DAC's, especially with adequate, but nothing special, digital outputs on your Marantz (I own a CD 63 KI, so I know what I'm talking about) and no possibility to lock the two internal clocks (player and DAC). If you like the sound of Marantz, go for something like the CD 17 or CD 17 KI, perhaps looking for secondhand players. Other alternatives include something like a Rotel RCD991, or the gorgeous looking NAD S 500.
Unless your CD player's transport is worn some, you still couldn't beat the DAC-1 with a player of similar price, even with problems of jitter. Have a look at their website:
You should get new CD player! I mean, used first rate CD players arent that expensive any more...i would have to suggest Linn Mimik or even better Linn Karik, for the money, you can not find better unit.
I want to thank all of you for your thoughtful input. My inclination right now is to go for a good CD, perhaps a dealer demo or good used one. 63SE's are not worth much in the marketplace, I'll just keep it as backup, or give it to my girl friend if her Onkyo craps out, which I also gave to her. Thanks again and be well. Sheldon