Geshelli Enog 2 UNBOXING/Review

So I had the original geshelli enog dac and it changed my entire listening experience. So I figured why not give the enog 2 a chance. 

I did not hear much of a change it quality from the first version to the 2nd gen, maybe that was because I dont have a super expensive headset. I own Grado sr 60e & beyerdynamics ddt990 at any rate it still sounds great! I think I will invest in a more expensive headset soon! 

The main difference is the new chip the AK 4493 in the enog 2 compared to the ak4490. If these were computer processors I could tell you the difference I'm still learning about this super geekey audiophile stuff lol   As well as the enog 2 now has xlr outs :) ( This made me super happy being a dj)  

At any rate the xlr outputs were game changing as I could hook up my studio monitors and active speakers directly. They sounded a lot better than the previous versions with the speakers. Im not sure if the new chip helped out XLRs going directly in the speakers. 

At any rate I am beyond satisfied with the Enog 2. 
Heres a link to the youtube video I made :) hope you guys enjoy! leave a comment and hit that sub button for me !