Gershwins Best Recording.

Looking for George Gershwins' best sounding CD. Prefer a Live performance. Just bought the $5.99 CD of Arthur Fiedler's Boston Pops at Best Buy and it sucks!!! It sounds like a tin can, and they decived on the cover of the CD that it was remastered in 24 bit. This recording is terrible.
It may be 24 bit, but if the original source is bad, then no fancy converter will help much. Then may not have put any effort into the remix also, it was only remixed on the quick for marketing purposes. I thought from the title you were looking for the best recording made by Mr. Gershwin. There is a very nice modern recording of the entire Porgy & Bess conducted by Simon Rattle. Excellent cast of soloists I also have an old Leonard Berstein recordings of Rhapsody in Blue with Bernstein at the piano that I enjoy. Sonically not like a brand new recording, but an excellent performance and very good sound for the 1960s. I have the Columbia LP, but it is available in CD which may be better (Columbia Symphony - Bernstein Century CD, Sony Classics #63086) I have not heard it but the Bernstein Century CDs I do have are sonically excellent for a historical remix. This recording is also available in SACD, which gives you an idea of how well regarded the performance and the sonic quality is. (SACD is Sony Classics #89033) Also on the recording is Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite with now composer John Corigliano playing the violin. He composed the music for the movie "The Red Violin".
I almost forgot; Gershwin's "American in Paris" is also on the Bernstein/Columiba recording. Also excellent!!
Thank you Sugarbrie for your input.
If you have a DVD player that will play a 24/96 disc (or a 24/96 player), the two-disc Classic Records DAD reissue of Slatkin and the St. Louis Symphony with Gershwin's works for orchestra and piano and orchestra is very good, both performances and sonics. Principal problem is that the channels are reversed on various tracks. This was an old Vox Box; Reference Recordings reissued some of it on vinyl, and I don't know if Vox or someone put it out on CD.
i really like the michael tilson thomas' "rhapsody in blue" on cbs masterworks. another excellent cd with many of the same works as the cbs is the german pressing of the royal philharmonic orchestra, also titled "rhapsody..." (rpo 8008).
By the Stereophile CD "Rhapsody". It is incredible.