Gershman Songrams vs Odessey loreleis/kismet


I am interested in these two speakers and was hoping someone here has heard both and can give an opinion (they were both at RMAF 2008) My preference is mostly lively (PRAT) Non fatiguing speaker.. Fun to listen to speaker.. Which is punchier in the low midrange. Any feedback would be appreciated. any comments are welcome..


I don't have any experience with the Gershman's, but I have owned a pair of Lorelei's for over a year and I believe they are a fit for what you are looking for. They are non-fatiguing and very musical. I have them playing constantly and I never get tired of listening to them. You can get more info from other owners on the Odyssey Circle at For what it's worth Klaus has a trial period, so you wouldn't be out much, if you didn't like them.
Good Luck in your search