Gershman's "Cameleon" speaker: An under2K winner?

Gershman Acoustics recently introduced this model($1799, and it got very good reviews at the show in Vegas. Anyone yet heard these speakers or even purchased them. I would like to know if they are equal to the "claims" the manufacturer is making about their performance compared to speakers costing much more; or, is it just another unremarkable speaker design under 2k ?? Thank you!!
I have not heard the Cameleon but I think Gershman has a look thing going more than a speaker that delivers sonic performance. I have owned and heard speakers from the Gershman line and thought they sounded good but not excellent. If you can take the Gershman's home and audition, this would be the safe way. They do look pretty cool. Good luck!
Heard the speakers on two occassions at CES. Sounded good both times. They were driven by a Kora Integrated and was impressed. They possessed very good bass too.