Gershman's "Cameleon": Any Owners?? Help??

I need feedback about Gershman Acoustics's "Cameleon" speakers. Almost every show from CES 2002 has raved about this speaker. But I have only found one "full" review about it!! There is no Gershman dealers in Southern California(I wonder if I should be wary of that fact?!?!?) So, can some members who either own or have heard this "new marvel" of a speaker, please provide me with a run down on its performance across the board. Is it worth the money or is there better speakers out there for either less money or just a bit more.(FYI I have high-end electronics and plenty of SS power. I listen mostly to classic rock and fusion jazz) Thank you, SJ
I heard the speakers sound very good indeed at the Stereophile show in NYC this year and almost bought a pair. But then I heard some things I didn't like about the company (from a non-Gershman dealer) which didn't sit well with me, so I decided to stick with my Magnepan MG12s instead. I know this dealer and find him generally truthful, but perhaps his views are a bit biased. If anyone has had any good or bad dealings with the Gershmans that they would care to share, I for one would be interested to hear about it.
Plato if your going to come out and make a damaging comment like you have tell us what it is.
I have met the Husband and Wife combo that are Gershmans. Two of the nicest people I have ver come across.
For the most part 98% of the dealers I have come across, the rule is if they dont sell it its junk.
Be careful of dealer statements. Sometimes, a foreign manufacturer will change distributors, or the distribution procees, which can leave the dealer "sucking wind"! Exclusive regional protection may shrink, competion for sales increases, and the dealers expend more effort with less profit. I believe that this recently happened with the Sonus Faber line. I heard the Cameleons at the 2002 C.E.S., and I was floored by the sound of this under $2000- speaker! However, I don't know about the insider company info or track record. I also have owned the Maggie 1.6's which are an awesome speaker, BUT YOU MUST HAVE OODLES OF AMP POWER TO MAKE THEM SOUND THE WAY THAT THEY SHOULD (BASS). Having researched Magnepan, I can tell you that the corporate history, structure, and attitude is outstanding!
FOLLOW UP on this topic FROM SJ: Irregardless, of the operational history of any audio compamy, let us stay focused on the questions I ask. These questions were presented to find out if the Cameleons have been market-tested by "actual" owners and not dealers or reviewers. Also,considering CES was almost 8 months ago, I think by now the audio-buying public should have received a few"full"reviews to verify what "passerbys" heard at CES and other shows where Gershman presented their products. Regards to all, SJ
Very belated intervention by the English police department:
Hopefully you have seen the error of your ways since 2002. 
Your punishment is already served:- 15 years of silent derision by friends who know better!
I digress. A pair of these speakers are up for sale on ebay. Cheap