Gershman Black Swans vs Focal Scala Utopia

Very competitively priced speakers but very different designs ofcourse. At the end of the day, regardless of design, the speaker must make music, especially at this level. I am seriously considering these two speakers but was only able to audition them briefly and in a very unfavorable dealer showroom conditioins. So would like to hear from anyone that has good knowledge and experience with these speakers that can give insight into the true sound of each and how they compare. In particular how pure are they? Thank you all.
I have no affiliation with either brand, but my personal preference would be the Gershmans. If I had a nice high-end audio salon, Gershman is a brand that I would want to offer. They have consistently impressed me at audio shows.

I have heard the Gershmans (the Black Swans) at the NY show a few years ago and recall that they were impressive and coherent and smooth, but the bass was too propulsive for the small hotel room at the demo, not as tight as I would like.
I would be interested in your thoughts once you have purchased them and have them broken in. Let us know.