Gershman Avant Garde Upgrade?

I'm the proud owner (purchased here) of a pair of Gershman Acoustic AG's that I love.  I just spoke with Ofra Gershman who mentioned that they have an upgrade option for the AG's that if I understood correctly, redirects the bass making it less muddy, in addition to full replacements for the drivers, woofers and tweeters.  Has anyone done this upgrade for the AG's and if so, what is your impression of the change in sound?

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I’m also a proud owner of a set of Avant Gardes which were upgraded a few months ago.
The Avant Gardes sounded wonderful before but, I must say, I’m ecstatic and extremely happy with the upgrade, well worth it !!!
The bass extends way lower and very well defined, the imaging is even more three dimensional and very precise. There is also a big improvement in the mids which appear to be richer, clearer and more pronounced.
Very happy with it.
Hope it helps
I am also looking for the upgrade version.  Love the AG already... Igoler, done your upgrade yet and any comment to share. 
As a fellow Gershman owner...
 - just curious as to what amps you are dirving them with?

@williewonka  Simaudio 340i but moved that to another home and now running a Schiit Raganrok with the AG's.  
@jk2011 curious how long it took for them (Gershman) to turnaround the upgrade?
@williewonka same question to you, what are you driving yours with?
I have listened to Gershman speakers for the last three years at Axpona and this year they were using a VAC amp and pre. Great sound, if I ever purchase a new set of speakers Gershman will be the one. At this years Axpona show Geshman had a new pair of speakers which were wonderful, full, accurate, and plenty of bass.
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@lgoler  - I’m using a NAIM 5i mk2 to drive my sonogram speakers.

@jab - have you ever listened to Avantgarde Horns?

When I bought the Sonograms, I was not really in the market, but one listen had me returning to the dealer with amp and cables in tow - the rest is history

My experience with the Avantgarde DUO was just as dramatic - listening to the DUO's took me to another universe.

The sound is stunning - the most realistic I have ever heard,

But alas, this time - the price was a little too rich for me, so they stayed in the store.

I've listened to TOTL Sonus Faber and Focal, but for my ears the DUO's out performed them both

One day, when i win the lottery, the Sonograms will be moved to the A/V system and a pair of DUO's will take centre stage in my audio system

Until then I'm extremely content with the Sonograms - truly a masterpiece for the price.

Regards - Steve

The beauty of Axpona is you can listen to most audio gear, and the Gershman room was impressive.

The Avantgarde room had their top of the line subs and horns, and wow the room sounded outstanding. This room was full all times of the day. Avantgarde even had a second room with modest components, for them.  I saw pictures of the main room somewhere on line, you should check them out.