Gershman Acoustics Sonogram?

Every review I've seen of these speakers has been extremely positive.
I have been wanting to make the switch from monitor to a "full range speaker" for a while now, but a lot of speakers in my price range (Sonogram $3600) don't seem to be truly full range, or musically balanced.
So, does anyone have any experience with this speaker?
Does it live up to the hype? Smooth, balanced and musical is what I'm shooting for, not bass slam as much as realistic low notes such as a stand up base might relay.
Thanks fellas.
Hello Dinder1,
My only experience with these entry-level Gershman speakers was at last year's RMAF. I remember these very well, as they stood out as very good-sounding, comparing very favorably against Gershman's much more expensive models. Very smooth, balanced, with good extension at both freqency extremes, and fine midrange as well. I think they are very well designed, and if they fit your budget, I would certainly audition a pair. Good luck, and enjoy,

Thanks for your very useful input. The only thing holding me back is the lack of a local dealer for auditioning, but for whatever reason I seem drawn to these speakers.
Smooth and balanced seems to be the consensus on these...just what I'm looking for.
I've heard them twice. This year and last at FSI in Montreal.
Both times I was impressed. Definitely full range and they do image well.
You'll be happy.
audio mojo has a review on these speakers....