Gershman Acoustics at 2003 Son & Image

Two of the most impressive audio setups, at the Montreal Son and Image March 2003 Show, were presented by Gershman Acoustics from Toronto. In the first room, I listened to Gershman’s Flagship Opera Sauvage speakers connected to the latest Fidelity Audio SACD player, pre-amp & two dual-mono amplifiers (2 mono amps in each chassis supply independent power to high and low speaker inputs). This setup produced lifelike music which to me sounded as if I was attending a live concert rather than recorded music. It was interesting to see visitors bringing their own CDs and amazed at the way these speakers handled extremely difficult musical segments with ease and elegance. I’m sure that the few of us who were lucky enough to listen to these great speakers finally ended our search for the perfect pair.
The second Gershman Acoustics room presented a setup for people like me who are still saving their pennies for the Opera Sauvage. A pair of Cameleon speakers (a beautiful triangular speaker), hooked up to a Copland CD player and a Cora integrated amplifier, produced a stunning soundstage with perfect imaging and sweet sound. In a blind test, these speakers could easily pass as an electrostatic pair; they simply disappear while filling the room with smooth and natural sound. The bass extensions produced from a relatively small enclosure were also very impressive. Given the quality and affordability of their product, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this small company expanding rapidly in the near future.
I was also at the Montréal audio show and I agree with your comments. This setup gets my vote for the cleanest and deepest bass I heard. They could have used a larger room though.

I do agree regarding the Gershman Opera Sauvage. They certainly get my vote for one of the best demo. I haven't heard their Cameleon speakers but if they're every bit as good as their other models they're certainly worth a listen (I do own a pair of Gershman Avant Garde RX20). However, my vore for best sound would have to go to the Kharma/Tenor Audio room (hooked up to an Audio Aero CD player I believe; it's a safe bet, Audio Aero was in almost every ultra high-end demo). These new hybrid Tenor amps hooked up to the Kharma speakers were simply mesmerizing. I must have stayed over an hour in that room. I can still remember the sound of these soaring violins playing......just plain enthralling!!!
Interesting that you mention the Audio Aero CD player. There is a great review by the Inner Ear were they tested it with the Opera Sauvage.

The Kharma/Tenor room was hooked up to a digital front end comprised of a Meitner-modified Philips SACD1000 SACD player and Meitner EMM Labs DAC6--the first DAC for DSD. This was the room in the Four Points Sheraton. There was another room--the RL Acoustique room (the company behind Tenor) with Tenor Audio monoblocks in the Delta, which DID feature the Audio Aero Capitole, driving a pair of LamPipe speakers by RL Acoustique.
Hey Igal, you work for Gershman or something? This topic reads like an advertorial.