Gerry Mulligan Ten-Tette

Can anyone give an opinion on these - I think - 1953 sessions, either for music or recording quality? I like some of Gerry's other large ensemble records like the Verve Concert Band recordings, and of course his work with Miles on Birth of the Cool. Are there any good reissues out there? I think the original is on a Capital 10-inch.
The Birth of Voll session is often credited as the the led by Miles and Gil but in fact if you read about it it was a three leader project with Jeru (he got his nickname from the tune he penned for that date).The re-issue CD is very good in that the band plays the LP at the Royal Roost in extra tracks.Haven't see vinyl re-issue.The Mosaic set (though sold out) is worth getting on Mosaic at Ebay etc because it gives great documentation but you can find the individual wax without much trouble,It is right up there with other modern big bands like Clark Bolland and Thad Jones Mel Lewis.Great seta coording to freind but I have a number of LP's so there are other sets I want like Woody Herman on Colombia (have two CD and the 2nd and 3rd Hers were killer).If your into small group west coast the Baker/Mulligan sets are great.I have first Mulligan/Baker 10" on Fantasy.Great stuff.Have lot's of West Coast like Howard Ramsey,Kamuca,Perkins etc but remember the "Four Brothers" were all from Kento band and all the Mosaic sets of his stuff are great and well worth getting from (I think these are dates) "Capitol '43-'47" and the small group "Kenton Presents were arranged by his Kentos's aces Russon and Holman.I have hundreds of Weest Coast and "No Coast" jazz (my term for West Coast recorded jazz done by eastern transplants or sessions that are less arranged and more of an east Coast feel".Do you have the Jazz West Jack Sheldon sessions (LP's are $1K mint) released on Pacific Capitol CD?Great.Howard Rumsey "Muisc For Light House Keeping"?,"West Coast Jazz In Hi Fi"? with Perkins and Kamuca?.Also if you like cool school check Gil Evans "The Individualism Of Gil Evans" with Johnny Coles (his fave Miles stand in)or his Pacific "Old Bottles New Wine" or I think other is called (I have LP but also early onset alzheimer's) "Great Jazz Standards which are hard to find on CD but can be found on LP (I have both.Sigh.I am poor but can pull out crazy music and duplicates).Get in touch if you need more since some friends are even more knowledgeable than I am.
Chazzbo, Thats a great answer. I think you hit every Mulligan recording EXCEPT the one I was asking about (he said with a smile). There is a 1953 date, I believe a 10-inch on Capital, that is called The Gerry Mulligan Ten-Tette (or something close to that). Thats the one I'm looking for.

Incidentally, if you can find it, a couple of years before he died Mulligan re-recorded BOTC as "Re-Birth of the Cool" on the GRP label. Miles was supposed to participate, but died before they hit the studio. Its very nicely recorded, with Mel Torme doing Darn that Dream in place of the syrupy Kenny Hagood.
I'll check at allmuisc guide.If you like that sound beyond latter Miles stuff between Gil and Miles check out Miles earlier Prestige LP "Conception.Personnel include:Lee Konitz, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Sonny Rollins, Zoot Sims, Sal Mosca, Billy Bauer, Arnold Fishkin, Max Roach.It's one like his "Blue Moods" you want to have in your collection of "the prince of darkness".Plus I can't believe I forgot one of my favorite "chill out jazz LP's" which is Mulligans "Night Lights" with his usual crew of Art Farmer,Bill Crow,et al.It has a beautiful bossa version of Chopin's "Prelude In E Minor" that is great.When I want to go to dine and have conversation or even at low levels go sleep I put it on,that or
Freddy Hubbards "Body and Soul".
It's capitol H434 with Chet Baker Trumpet,
Pete Candoli Trumpet
Don Davidson Sax (Baritone)
Bob Enevoldsen Trombone (Valve)
John Graas French Horn
Chico Hamilton Drums
Joe Mondragon Bass
Gerry Mulligan Piano, Sax (Baritone)
Bob Shank Sax (Alto)
Ray Siegel Tuba
Ddidn't have a play list but might be able to find it.
from earlier list amazing that Trombone player Sal Mosca is still playing.I have become email pals with a young new york tenor player Chris Byars on Smalls label (and the club of course) and he was two great Byars CD's "Night Owls" and "Pictures At An Exhibition Of Himalaya Art".Chris also got TEDDY CHARLES (somebody else you'd be into as cool third stream player) after no recording in 30 years.Worth checking out.
Found it.You can get a CD of material at Dusty Groove.Moove fast.They have incredible catalogue but order so few copies I have gotten email alerts for a CD or LP and then three hours latter they have sold all 5 copies.If you want you can look for original or there was a Capitol Classics Vol.4 4 Walking Shoes that came out in 70's.Man I am good.But since I drive a wreck car,live in apt.,can't afford decent clothes but won 7.5K jazz Cd's and LP's I remember the old underground comix "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" whose motto was "dope and no money will get you through times of money and no dope" and just substituted jazz for the drugs.
Thanks man. I think that might be what I'm looking for. I've seen a couple of vinyl copies around and at least one 70's reissue - complete with cheezy cover art.
Chazzbo, since when did Sal Mosca play trombone?

Grimace, I have the original 10" Capitol "Ten-Tette" album in
pretty good shape (though I bought it new way back when and have played it a
LOT over the years). In whatever incarnation, it's well worth seeking out. EDIT;
Just replayed this 10-incher and yes, it's a good one, albeit the epitome of "cool
jazz" with its plusses and minuses. A lack of emotional depth is pretty obvious.

My favorite Mulligan album is a fairly obscure item called "Walk on the
Water," circa 1980, originally on DRG vinyl.