Gerrard GT 10

My 90 year old in laws are downsizing.  They have offered me their turntable, which probably hasn’t been used since 1990.  I’m not a vinylista, but I do have a Project Phono pre amp with usb output, and I have identified a few albums in a local resale shop that have never been digitalized that I would like to hear.  First step would be to just play the albums, then I may try to record them to a flash to transfer to my Melco NAS.
  I’ve been warned that the belt may be rotted out at that vintage, and I wouldn’t risk the stylus on any vinyl, so I am contemplating a decent but not to expensive mm cartridge, and that, along with any other useful advice, is what I seek to find here.  Any thoughts?
Good luck with your setup. A cheap Audio-Technica MM will probably be fine. 
Like a $69 AT-VM95E (Elliptical)
That P-J box is about as good as you want to attain your goal.

Have fun. 24-96 is preferred if you can get there.

Yeah, it’s more for fun than anything else.  Still, hoping to get some decent sound.  I used to own one of these tables back in the day.  My lps were destroyed in a flood at the dawn of the CD era but I stubbornly hung on to the tt and moldy  bad smelling albums, even though they were unplayable, for a few years.  I came home from work one day and found my kids using it to launch Beanie Babies airborne.  Hey, at least someone was getting use out of the table
You can buy a new belt here

BUT vinyl is definitely not for transfer to digital, it makes no sense, you can find all those albums in digital in better quality than your own transfer could be (on those equipment). 

Vinyl is analog, if you like vinyl do not convert it to digital! Enjoy vinyl. 

I decided to sell off my analog rig a few years ago when I realized that pretty much everything had been digitalized.  Let’s just say I’m not a vinylista and leave it at that.  I’ve made plenty of posts on Agon through the year about this preference and don’t wish to reignite it here.  I have discovered a few albums that were old favorites which are not available and are in a nearby resale shop ( Joshua Rifkin’s Scott Joplin series, some Bach from Karl Ristenpart—in general it seems the Nonesuch catalog is in a state of limbo), and hey, as long as I’m being gifted a tt, and still have Pro-Ject phono amp, what the heck.
  I have no wish to accumulate lps.  My wife and I are also downsizing in anticipation of moving when we retire and I am in the midst of transferring a few thousand CDs to the Melco.  When I gave away a few crates of lps a few years ago my wife’s relief was palpable.  So if I few digitalize a few lps that are on 50 year old vinyl that were less than stellar lps back in the day I don’t think I have to turn in my audiophile badge.  
  Also I like the challenge of getting decent sound out of budget components.  Sure I could read Michael Fremer and dip in the 401 K and buy a $200K turntable but if I’m willing to accept the financial hit 
then what’s the challenge there?  Trying to resurrect an ancient tt and pair with the right budget cartridge to get something that sounds listenable is a different kind of task than deciding between
which Uber priced components to play with
Sure, you don’t have to be a Fremer, a budget cartridge for me is ~ $300 MM from the golden age of analog, stuff like Pickering XSV/3000 and Stanton 881s Stereohedron), Grace F8 Custom with RS8U (line contact type stylus, AT-ML150 (micro line)....

For lower price the new AT should be ok.

I think a $900 Technics mk7 is the best money can buy for those who want to spend less to get more.

With an old TT like your GT-10 you have to make sure it works (tonearm, drive, cartridge, wires etc) and then there can be some hum (too bad for analog to digital transfer). 

So I think it’s easier to find a digital version of the music you need (online) and download it. 

These albums aren’t available as downloads.  I wouldn’t be going through the trouble it it weren’t for the tt suddenly being gifted.  Thanks for the pointers
There is no disgrace in being purely digital. If I did not have so many albums I probably would not get started with it. It is an expensive PITA and is seen by many as a badge of honor. It is amazing that it can sound as good as it does but I have no problem with hi res downloads. The only downside is it is too easy for me to over-spend my welcome:-)
I have discovered a few albums that were old favorites which are not available and are in a nearby resale shop ( Joshua Rifkin’s Scott Joplin series, some Bach from Karl Ristenpart—in general it seems the Nonesuch catalog is in a state of limbo)

Joshua Rifkin complete discography

Karl Ristenpart complete discography

You can look for CDs searching on discogs and you can buy right there if you will find what you need.

True it's a lot of work to make LP tracks that sound better than digital. I pretty much rip only stuff that has never been publicly done.
Like Lani Hall. But after all the work Herb released the first three a coupla years back.
You might run into that - good luck.