Germany won t sell them, when can I buy them?


I have been looking for a audio rack from Creaktiv model Audio 3 for a while now. The company is based in Germany and all the dealers I have located are all in Germany as well. I have contacted many of them, but none are willing to ship to the US. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on these racks?

Sorry Nick not a clue. But now that you've sparked my curiosity where can I see a picture of one?
Glen: Try Here's another website of some really nice racks and stands from Italy if you're looking for a rack. I know a legitamit dealer that can get some music tools products.

I have an office in Germany and may be able to help. First how much does this weigh? To ship by air to a residence and deal with all the customs issues could run into hundreds of dollars. Shipping by sea is very slow and could still cost lots of money. Is it worth all the possible cost? If so maybe we can work something out.
BLues_man- Thanks for the offer. I also heard from some else that importing something from Germany can get very expensive. Does anyone knows why? I like the rack, but if the tariffs are so high that I think it might not worth the trouble.

I think the rack would weight about ~20-30 lbs.

Those racks are hell a nice looking. They look like they could tackle some vibration issues no problem.