German "plug and play" turntable

I'm looking for a turntable, my first one really.

I remember reading a good review about a German manufacturer that makes one that is almost plug and play. Not much to do in regards to maintenance and setup. I believe the price was around $1000.

does anyone know the one I am talking about?
Clear Audio?
You meant Clearaudio Concept which is about $1,400 though.
Yup, that's the one. Trying to decide which cart would work best with my Merlin Masters and Ars Sonum Fila. MM or MC?
With that speaker amp combo it's really more dependent on the cart maker and quality and phono pre. IMO MM would be the way to go. Lower priced MC (I assume you're not planning to spend more for the cart than the table) would be too bright for the Merlins. I use an Audio Note MM with my Ovation and Merlin Masters.