German "plug and play" turntable

I'm looking to get the Clearaudio Concept MC and obviously need a phono stage.

The Nano seems to have decent reviews for its price but there is also a model above that called the Basic+. Cant find much on that one and was wondering if the price difference is worth it. €295 v €690.

Any help would be appreciated.
Find a turntable that has a tonearm that allows you to raise and lower its height. That way you are not stuck with one particular cartridge
The nano is a very basic phono. It works well in a budget TT set-up. It is better than you'd expect for the price -- but no better than that.
So with the Clearaudio MC, I expect the nano will be the limiting factor.

The Basic+ is a full scale phono -- not exotic mind you, but quite a good performer. You can use it with upmarket analogue systems.

In other words:
If you can afford the extra 400 euro, go for the Basic+. If not, you'll get good music out of the Nano, so any way you go, you win!
BTW, I listened to the MC package and liked it a lot (no, the phono used was exotic).
Excellent choice. The tone arm hight is adjustable it's simply not user adjustable.
Thanks. I dont want the phono to be the weak link. Sounds like the ClearAudio Mc plus Basic+ would give me a pretty decent "starter" TT setup.

They do have an option of the Basic+ for an outboard battery supply. Wonder if that's a worthy upgrade?
You might look for a Lehmann black cube. I had one in my system for several years and liked it enough to have kept it as a back-up to my Aesthetix Rhea. It's a very good phono amp and there's a (used) SE version listed for sale here on A'gon right now for a little over 400 euros (US $550).