German Physiks Carbon IV vs. MBL 101E

Hello Mates,
Can you share your experience with the above mentioned two speakers ? They both are omni-directional and quiet similar in price. I have heard the MBL 101E only briefly and liked what I heard, but never heard the Carbon IV. Some say that the Carbon IV do better job in imaging, sound staging, transparency and over all sound quality than the MBL 101E. But somewhere I read that the Carbon IV frequency extension is 28 Hz - 19 KHz where as MBL 101E's frequency spec is 20 HZ- 40 KHz. It seems that the Carbon IV has some limitation at both frequency extremes. If any one can shed some light on the performance of these two speakers, I would very much appreciate. Thanks in advance.
Good question.

I've heard the mbl 111s but never 101e nor GPs.

I'd also like to know what those who have heard both think.
Here's my opinion from yesterday (I coincidentally wrote this before I read you question) about the MBL 101E at the NYC Axpona show yesterday in the Misc Audio forum: