German Magazine review Lexicon RT-20 April '06

It is in German? Does anyone know the contents?
Is there a way to get it translated on the web?
Which magazine would that be, Psacanli? Stereoplay did a review but that was end 2005.
HIFI & records. Review date April '06.
I have it in German but it's Greek to me.
Issue 2/2006, I regret I haven't got that one, and the article is not downloadable. If you can't get hold of a translation elsewhere, scan and mail it to me.
Karel.Thanks very much for offer. Have tried a few translation site but they simply don't fully translate, results in a jumble 1/2 english 1/2 german. Will try more before I send to you. Pete
Hello Pscanli,
I just bought me a used RT-20.

I am searching for the Stereoplay 12/05 review.
When you send me the article I will translate is for you to English.

Do you want me to fax, email or mail?
I have an RT-20 and remember reading a review, in english, within the last 1-2 years. It was in a european publication. I'm fairly sure I saw it on line. As I recall, the reviewer commented on how excellent it was as a CD player. It was a glowing review.
There have indeed been a number of reviews that are available online. Pete, I suppose you actually read these, if not then just for the sake of additional information:
Thanks Karelfd. I was aware of these very positve reviews.
I've heard the German one is even more enthusiastic about its use at the extreme high end of CD playback.