German Cd cutting machine:any owners out there?

Before i spend $700 i want to gather some feedback on this device.Does cutting Cd to a tighter standard really works sonically?Please,let me know your opinions.Thanks

This has been discussed a few times here. The main concern with this process seemed to be that cutting the edge opened the outside seal between the CDs layers. It was suggested that this could lead to diminishing the lifespan of the CD. This is all speculation of course and no evidence was provided although it seems to make sense.
The supposed benefit is that the edge would be true to the center hole which should improve balance of the CD in the transport. The reduction of wobble would make it easier for the laser to read the CD accurately.
I'm paraphrasing and have no actual experience with the machine.
I may not be helpful here but if it were me I would have every single room tuning issue, cable issue, power issue, isolation issue and so on all taken care of before I spent money on this, it just looks like an item to buy if you have EVERYTHING exactly I would ask, is everything else right????
I have one and it works. As RJA says, I believe that the biggest benefit is in the truing and balancing of the disc. I accidently found out, on an REM CD that has no artwork, that it works best when lathing the top and bottom. It trues the CD completely.

That said, I've found that some CD's already come balanced, in which case any improvement is very sight if any.

What is the name of the unit? Got me thinking about 'true' center punch. Would off center hole punch create problems like off punched Lp's? A discussion of the turntable problem of off center punch, or spindle hole wear, is in the current issue of postive feedback. Interesting issue.

Audio Desk System from Germany. They also make a fascinating CD cleaning machine.
I have yet to buy one but this does make a positive difference that like others here I attribute to disc balance that mitigates laser tracking error.

I visited a dealer in San Jose a couple of years back and had my remastered Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" with me; my wife and I listened before and after this process was performed on the CD. No changes were made to the playback system during the "desking" process. Very discernable improvement in detail and clarity to the modified disc.

Since then I have "double blind" compared this with audio friends to one of theirs (same catalog release) and the improvement was unanimously detectable. It was too easy; in fact I wish every tweak was this apparent. It could be that the comparative discs were way out of balance to begin with.

I'm sold but have a hard time justifying the price so haven't purchased one yet.

Any homebrew solutions I'm all ears and eyes.