Hi Georgehifi> I have read many of your posts here on audiogon. You seem have a lot of knowledge/experience with various amps and how they work. I am using a Bel Canto transport w/B.C. Dac 2. 7 w digital vol. control. B.C. advises for best sound run direct to amp. I have an Arcam A49 int. amp and was thinking of going with their Ref600m or the new E1X amp. I have listened to the Ref 600m amps in another system with different speakers. I have the Focal Kanta 2 speakers in my system. I am getting old now and would like to put together a "last system". I really like transparency and speed and the smaller sized amps are easier to move. But also researching the Benchmark AHB2, Pass XA30.8,PS Audio Signature 250 and Coda TSX last 3 in used market. Any advice/suggestions/opinions will be greatly appreciated. Batman1

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It will be a real challenge to find "smaller sized amps [that] are easier to move" that genuinely double in output from 4 ohms to 2 ohms.

As Hamlet once said, Ay, there's the rub.