George Lucas using B&W Nautilus 802 in his studio.

There is a picture of the Skywalker Sound Studio on the B&W website. George Lucas is using a bunch of Nautilus 802s for all channels to mix his multichannel digital surround sound.
Can you imagine a listening room setup like that? You might get just what the producer heard, but do you really think you'd enjoy the result? I'm talking not just about the speaker and amplifier choices (which clearly will reveal what's on the master tape, that's why they were chosen, I'd expect, but would not be my first choice for listening), but also the proximity of the speakers to the listening position, the intervening console, etc. Shows how good (and important) the best recording engineers and producers can be, given that most of us don't have rooms like that but still can get terrific sound from their creations.
What a great set-up! Skywalker sound's mixing stages - such
as this one - are considered to be the "State of the Art" -
in mixing stages for film soundtracks.
As the owner of a 12+ year old video post-production & media dupliction company, I've seen numerous articles written up about Skywalker Sound's facilities in various trade magazines. But I do have to say that when you get a
chance to actually go there - as I did several years ago -
during a tour for video & film people - it's even more
I'd like to see George replace the 802's with the 800 signature series. I'm sure he can afford it...
Isn't Lucas a big THX guru? Are the B&W's THX certified?
You mean that they aren't using ATC's, Yamaha's, JBL's, Fostex, etc... ??? THANK YOU Sugar for posting this. This is EXACTLY the point that i was trying to make : ) Sean
he also directed the phantom menace . . . . . . . .i wouldn't be too proud. :-p
Can I trade in this keyboard and all this network crap I have to deal with for one of those chairs?
I wanna work there instead!
Yo Gumby, my ass is parked in one of those Herman Miller Aeron chairs right now at work. I also have one at home which I use for listening and work. They're great chairs, and NEVER in six years of using them have I ever had a back problem attributed to seating.
I don't know what George's ability as a director has to do with audio. Probably a discussion for another website. I do agree he should have hired a director and should just be the producer. Irvin Kershner, the guy who directed Empire Strikes Back would have been the choice.

I'll bet SW-2 Clones will be a little flat also for this reason. George is a little rusty in the director department.

George is one of the major forces driving digital technology and HT forward; so we all owe him some thanks.

I thought Lucas was a Wilson man.
I thought they were 'droids for Episode 3 instead of 802s
It's 5 R2D2s wearing Darth Vader's helmet.
I hope he moves the chair into the sweet spot every now and again! I was wondering why the right channel always sounded louder:-) What a great set-up! Can you spot a real audiophile as someone who puts an 802 center speaker in front of the screen? (I know it's sound mixing only, but I've got that picture in my mind now -- maybe it would fit on top of the TV ...)
"I don't know what George's ability as a director has to do with audio . . ."

i am using HUMOR on you people . . . .
because he still has the grilles on the mid-ranges...