George David Weiss

Those are some great songs! Hope he is in peace.
Whoa!-I saw a Documentary and how he ripped off Wimoweh from the original
Solomon Linda family--they lived in abject poverty. The Weiss Dude always refused both interviews and comment on that point when pressed.

Not such a good guy after all.

@Team212: I didn't know who he was until I read the story. I saw some of the songs he is "credited" with and was amazed. Do you have a name or link to the documentary? I'm interested to know more.

Yes was a right bit of work, he made all the $$'s and gave nix to the songwriter where Pete Seegers version paid annual royalties to the Linda family.

The Doco is

"The Lions Trail" By Francois Verster

@Team212: Thank you! I will check this out. Sounds like a learning experience worth being educated about.