Geometry in audio.

Hi every body,

I'm helping my kid doing a "geometry in audio" project. I'm looking for speakers or any thing related to audio that shape like a pyramid, pentagon, hexagon, and hexagonal prism. Any suggetion is welcome!!!

Thanks to all.
Yamaha had an amp back in the 80s I think that was shaped like a square base pyramid.
edge has pyramid shaped monoblocks.
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I think Nagra makes a pyramid-shaped DAC.
Avolon Eidolon and Radian (sp?) speakers are all kinds of trapezoidal shapes. Reference Da Capo monitors are trapezoids too--or maybe they are rhombi? [can't really remember what a rhombus is] How about Thor amps, which I think are circular? Some models of Gallo speakers are spheres. Bass traps are tall cylinders. The Ringmat is a circle. And look at all the vibration-contolling "cones" around.
Also look into "golden ratio", which is something like 0.619. Fold it in half, and you get it again. Play poker? That card is a golden ratio. It's also found in ancient architecture like the Parthenon.

There are suggestions that it is the perfect shape for a listening room. Something about minimal reflections or standing waves.


Design Acoustics' D-12 was always one of my favorite designs. A dodecahedron speaker (in theory, it was supposed to mimic a pulsating sphere) from the early seventies. It had a 10" downward firing woofer, a 5" upward firing midrange, and nine tweeters on all but one of the remaining faces (which contained the woofer port).

I have not been able to locate a photo of one yet, but do a Google search for dodecahedron speaker. There are other companies using this design.