Gently used cassettes

Anybody know of a resource for once recorded TDK,maxell,etc tapes.
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What does "once recorded" mean? I'd like to help but I don't know what you're asking. Are you looking for professionally recorded cassettes? Please clarify.
Home recorded tapes recorded once.
why not clean ones? i saw blanks sold at radiosnack...
Most likely stuff like that is on eBay.
I doubt there any lightly used cassettes. Ebay does sell sealed cassettes.

If you are looking for one-pass R-R tape, again Ebay.
I have many gently used cassettes.
Most are "metal" bias including TDKs which have Magnesium
housings. These are buried in my archives and will likely never be used again in this lifetime (Unless I can find a NOS Onkyo TA-2090).
Given the trouble it would take to find, sort and count any saleable units,
amuse me with an offer I can't refuse...
Hi Phasecorrect,

I have:
3 (type II) TDK SA-90's,
4 (type IV) TDK MA-110's
and two 5-packs of (type II) TDK XLII-90's,

All purchased sometime between 1993 and about 2000 or so...all in their original shrink wrap and never opened. They were always stored in my dad's audio media cabinet in his system room, never in an attic, basement. Make an offer, I'm easy.
How would you know that they were recorded once? Ebay has listings for over 5000 cassettes new. Why bother with used cassettes when new ones are so cheap?
Good deal Ivan and +1 Yogiboy.
Correction - the 5-packs are not TDK, I meant to say Maxell.

If by "gently used cassettes," you mean ones that haven't been played to death and then left on the car dashboard, then just check out the local thrift stores. Most stores blow them out for a quarter. They usually include new and used cassettes. I am careful to check for the pressure pad because if it's missing you won't get any sound. Hope that helps.