Genki CDR Playback


I finally received my dysfunctional Genki back from the Linn repair shop (Florida). It now has a new main board, laser, and loading mechanism. I think only the case is original. So far, it plays store bought CDs well. I am unable to get it to play CDRs, which is very disappointing because even the cheapest CD players can play them.

I have unsuccessfully tried both Sony and Philips CDRs. Has anyone else had problems with CDRs? Does my Genki need to go back to Florida again? Thanks.
i owned a genki for several years and mine would and wouldn't play recorded's a great player thought....have you thought about buying an inexpensive sony to playback the cdr since the quality is not up the genki playback idea new email is nitwhitt@peoplepc....i have owned linn product for over two decades and you are comparing apples to oranges..use the linn for good quality playback and buy the inexpensive sony of playback the cdr...the quality of the cdr is that good....hope to have helped....
I have the Genki and it is playing a cdr now using a verbatim blank. I don't have much experience with them as most methods used to make them sound "limited" on the Linn. They sound ok in walkman types though. Sounds like the folks in Jacksonville are trying pretty hard. In 2 years I've only needed tech questions answered which they did satisfactorily. Good Luck.
I used to own a genki, if the CDR used were burned in a
computer it did had problems reading some of them. If they were burned in my Sony RCD-W10(stand alone dual tray machine) it will play them perfectly.

For your peace of mind, those CDR that I burned in my computer did gave me problems in other cd players as well.
Sounds like they didn't change the D/A converter in your Genki, my guest is that if you are using CDRs burned in a stand alone unit and your Genki is having problems reading
them the poblem might be in the D/A converter. By the way I have used Maxell CDR with great success.

One last word, make sure the CDRs you are using have the word "music" on them, when I firts bought them the salesman
at the store gave me regular CDRs for data.

Hope this helps, Hector.
For the year I owned a Genki I had no problems with CDR's. I just used the cheap bulk ones that ran about a dime apiece. I bought some blank CD's that had heavy graphics on the topside and began to have problems. I suspect it was a balance issue with these as the graphics were heavier on one side. Once I went back to the generic disks everything was okay.