Genius of Ray Charles on SACD

The uptempto tracks like Let the Good Times Roll are a bit hot--a problem with the original 1959 recording. But the slower numbers, including the seminal Come Rain or Come Shine sound INCREDIBLE. More information here. Background vocals, orchestration, piano and of course Ray's voice on the slower tracks all sound refined, detailed and have depth in the soundstage.
Thanks! for sharing this intel on brother Ray.
Thanks for the recommendation. Do you have an opinion on any other Ray Charles SACDs?
Jafant, has the distortion on the vocals and other high level passages that I hear on both my LP and CD versions been fixed? Or is this what you refer to as "a bit hot"? I used to think that is was a bad LP pressing until I got the CD version only to hear the same distortion (not subtle) in the exact same places. Still, one of my favorite records; genius indeed. Thanks.
The genius of soul 5 cd boxset is stellar

You wont notice its not hi res