Genghis Khan: opinions? vs others eg FIM

Anyone using Electraglide's Genghis Khan PC (not selling it) and willing to share thier opinion about it? Comapre with others of note. Worth the extra expense?
I heard this cord, its beter then FIM Gold I have. Both, however, inferior to David Elrod power cords (level 2 or may be level 3) which are priced substantially lower including applications to very powerful amps and power conditioners. Good luck
Hi Simontju,

Could you show me the way to order a David Elrod power cords?

What are the features of David Elrod power cord sonically?
Hello Myliang: You can contact David Elrod at 864/227-9107. Be aware that waiting list is approximately two months. His power cords do everything that other hi-end cords do (may be better I don't care much) PLUS they strip layers and layers of veil between you and the music, transerensy is not even correct word, it is immense realism which shocks me. Qualitively, therefore, it is revolutionary device, IMHO. Good luck, Simon
Ooops, sorry. I thought this was a history thread.