Genesis - where are they??

Genesis has moved from the address listed on their web site, phone number disconnected & no email. What's happened??
Please read other listing. I have been having problem with them becasue of the lack of support. My 350s are few month old and I am having problems with the amp. I think they are/will be out of business. That is why dealers are selling the speakers for 50% or more off without of course mentioning that the company is or soon to be dead. I don't know who would buy Genesis any more. I for one would not recommend it. The speakers are great but support is also important. The guys who make the amps don't honor the warranty because they claim that Genesis doesn't pay them. So if one has a problem with the amp he would have to pay for the repair. It's a sham that one pays so much money for these speaker and gets no support.
The good news is that they can be repaired, if that's of any consolation. I'm sorry to hear that you have to pay the piper. Hasn't Genesis or their owners had problems like this before?
The rumor I heard from my hi-fi dealer is that they are going out of business. I am glad I sold my Genesis v. The support from them is terrible. They never answered emails and if you had problems it was forever to get them to respond. Plus I dint ever like the speakers in my room.
The amp in one of my APM1s just went. I talked to Bill @ Genesis a couple of weeks ago and he asked me to try a few things first but just like the other poster, the number is now disconnected with no forwarding number. Who can I contact to repair the amp? Even though I'll have to pay since the warranty is not honored, that's a lot cheaper than replacing the speakers.
Mike -

I also have amps in the 500's that need repair. I am told that the following company does amp repair. You may want to contact them. ( Chicago area)

Midwest Audio
774 W. Algonquin Road
Arlington Heights, IL. 60005

phone: 847-640-1890

Good Luck
Mike -

Please advise Bill@ Genesis suggestions to attempt to resolve amp problems. I have the 500's with neither amp working ( or I assume it is the amps). Perhaps these suggestions will isolate another issue.
If you are still having problems with this company I would take the next legal step and file a complaint with the Better Bussines Buearue and the Attourney generals office in both the state the product was bought and the state that Genesis is located. Not covering ones warrenty is a breach of contract and even if they are going bankrupt it may not eliminate thier legal obligations.

It may seem like a waste of time but you would be suprised in how these organizations can help you. If anything its just a simple phone call to see if they can help. If they can help sometimes they will even do most of the work for you. Information will have the numbers.
Looks like they are gone. I had an interesting deal the two weeks ago. A guy in Atlanta that once owned HiFi Buys was selling a set of new 201s. He was asking 19,900 and when I contacted him via phone he had dropped his price to 17,900 shipped. He told me these were coming straight from the factory. Later that day he abruptly told me that the speakers were sold for 19,000. I found out that the factory had closed it's doors. I suspect that the speakers were never shipped. Too bad I own a set of 200's and they are one of the best sounding systems I have had a chance to hear. I only know of a handful of speakers systems that are in the same league. I was hoping to someday own a set of 1.1's. Looks like they are going to be real cheap real soon. In the coming months, when the 200's and 201's are going for 6,000-8,000 and the 1.1's are going for 20,000-25,000 you may want to take a chance. They are a great system. Just make sure all the drivers are 100% and the sub amp is 100%.
OK, one way of keeping our Genesis gear alive is to:
a) get part specs & manufacturer for speaker units.
b) schematics for the servo amps.

Is there anyone geographically close enough to make inquiries???
The models in play here are:
Genesis V (i use those)
Genesis 350
Genesis 500

I'll try with 1-2 dealers in Europe that carried Genesis -- just in case something comes up.

I just checked the website is gone and emails are being returned undeliverable. It is a shame that people are stuck after making huge investments in their products. The absolute sound has nudell new speakers and their was no mention about them going belly up. Maybe stereophile will have something next month. Thats why I chose Revel as they are owned by Harmon International. I had got stuck with audio alchemy going bust and that why I wont buy any Perpetual Technology gear.
Hi Genesis lovers,

I hope Arnie will make a comeback.

I believe there are always solutions for such excellent products, he can join other bigger manufacturers like Classe or Wadia did with other companies. I think Arnie had relations with Mirage - Canada before or .....

Anybody who is going to produce and store ribbon (and woofer) drivers for Genesis is going to get rich... I can tell you that!!

I own the Genesis 300 model with the new mid-ribbon (I updated on time!!).

Click my system for details.

Have a nice day
Christos Skaloumbakas
President of
Audiophile Club of Athens
Dear Friends and ex-customers,

Sadly, Genesis has gone belly-up.

There are options for those of you who own Genesis product and need service...especially amp repair. A public announcement will probably be made within the next few weeks. In the meantime, if any of you need assistance, please email me at I will answer if I can. No "what happened?" questions, please. This is on my own time, which I really need to spend finding another job.

Bill A.
I emailed Mark schifter at Perpetual Technology and he said he can help anyone needing service on Genesis products. He is one of the shareholders of the company and can be reached at Hope this helps
please check this site out.
Hi all,

A.C.A. received the following Announcement which I think it might interest Genesis owners:


From: "Jacquelyn Koh"
To: "Audiophile Club of Athens"
Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 6:23 AM
Subject: Genesis: News and Launch


I've noticed that your website for the Audiophile Club of Athens at has many articles on Genesis speakers and products, and indicates many members who own our products.

As such I'd like to ask if you would be interested to receive the Press Release for the launch of the new company Genesis Advanced Technologies, which will be taking over the Genesis product line.

We also have the press release on our website at

Thanks and Best Regards,
Genesis Advanced Technologies (Pte) Limited
192 Waterloo Street, Jacquelyn Koh General Manager
#07-01, Skyline Building, DID: (65) 6 332-2300 Fax: (65) 6 339-3112
Singapore 187966