I search the wiring diagram of these speakers. I asked Genesis but they told me not to have them.
Thanks for looking
Chris from France
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Not sure I understand the question but if you're looking for crossover schematics, let's just say, "bon courage" or "bonne chance", whichever is more sarcastic. In this industry, public disclosure is rare. Arnie, in particular, was very private about his intellectual property.

Not that familiar with the V's and VI's but the servo amp includes a somewhat adjustable active low pass. The passive high pass in the speaker probably also has a large inductor, which is a family trick going back to Infinity. The ambience (rear) tweeter probably has a low pass filter as well, not extending full range. Other than that, nothing fancy. A couple limited range switched L-pads. Usually preferred a relatively high first order for the tweeters and second or third for mid/bass, sometimes asymetrical, sometimes bandpass. Watch out for "factory tailoring" on the PCB, like a resistor on "wrong" side.

I've read it's possible to bypass the large inductor on earlier Infinity series to good effect and that makes it easier on the amp but can't confirm. You really have to know what you're doing!!

It's also possible to add an active high pass section, up to 120Hz, such as a NHT X2 (selectable to 110Hz @ 12dB/octave, 10K Zin), leaving the passive crossover intact. That, I can confirm to my preference on modified G350's. However, the midbass coupler of the G5 is quite different than the G350 ribbons.
i still have some tweeter repair kit for the genesis!