Genesis V vs. 300

Anyone have experience with both of these speakers? I own the V but have not heard the 300. I would appreciate any input.


They are quite different. 1st difference stems from the 300's ribbon drivers in the mid-high range. 2nd difference is that the hi section is an 3tweet array. All this indicates that all the way down to the sub, the sound is "ethereal" with a touch less "punch" than the V (which have dynamic drivers), the details in the vocals are angelic rather than meaty (V); strings are better with the 300, the highs are a question of taste between the two (I'm not sure I don't detect a lobing from the 300's 3tweets), the bass is more difficult to integrate in the 300 in a normal sized room -- there seems to be a bump b/ween 50-70 Hz whatever you do (but that's easily attributable to the room). The 300 also go lower more easily. Subjectively, I'd say the V, being a small speaker, integrates sub+upper range a tad more easily/better...

What is it about the V's you wish to improve?
I really like my Vs - just have this sick need to try new things... I saw a pair of the 300s around for a decent price and wondered if it would be worth messing with. I don't have a huge listening room, so the 300s would probably overwhelm it. The Vs are even a bit of a stretch there.

Thanks for the advice.

Is there any service available on Genesis speakers or they won't need one?
Jwilt: I also own Genesis V's. I have not heard the 300s, but have listened to the 20ls. I found that the 20ls require a very large room in order to "bloom" properly. In a smaller room where one must sit closer to the speakers, the 20ls are very "hard" sounding, and lack warmth and spaciousness. I have a question for you. What power amplifier have you found works best with the V's? Do you prefer solid-state or tubes? Also, have you compared the V's with the newer 50l's? Thanks for your thoughts.

I passed on the 300s - I guess I came here to be talked out of them, and it worked (my wife thanks you all...).

I am currently using a Pass Labs X250 amp and X1 preamp. I think they sound pretty good - had a Threshold T200 previously, which I thought sounded very good, too - a tad warmer.

I have heard that Genesis work best with tube equipment (I think Arnie voiced them on tube stuff) but I have always been a fan of good SS. I am a musician and like to hear a LOT of sound. I have read reviews on the X250 saying that the blue meter hardly moves even at high listening levels - I can get mine to swing wildly back and forth :-).

I have not heard the new 501s, so I can't comment. I'm sure there good. I have heard people comment they prefered the V to the 500 and 501, but this is secondhand.

I have heard the 501. I much prefer the V. BUT, there's a problem servicing the Vs -- particularly the 4ohm mid-bass driver which, apparently, is not available any more.
The BIG problem here is that the driver & cross-over PARAMETRES aren't available. If they were, we could find replacements...
The midbass coupler is available here:

I have also gotten midrange domes through Genesis themselves within the last year. Parts are scarce, but they do exist.

I used to match Genesis V's with Pass Aleph 2/X-600 + ARC Ref. 2. The top end and mid-range are quite sweet and warm.