Genesis V & Servo Amp

I have successfully opened up my Genesis servo amp that was new-in the-box these past ten years, as I thought that my Sub (also a Genesis piece, the 900). Since discussing it with some folks I have determined that I have been missing some good sounds.
Hence a couple questions that I need answered before I power it up;
1. I have the cables that came with it of course, and the manual for putting it in operation. However, I have been warned by many that due to the long hibernations (read NEVER has it been powered up, there may be some abnormalities in the servo amp. Is it OK to test it by simply powering it up and not feeding the cables into the speakers themselves? Is this the right procedure? If not is it possible to put the cables into the speakers without causing any possible issues?
2. A little while ago I sold my Mark Levinson aps, and all I have left is the Proceed PDSD and PAV, and some other Proceed devices (CDD & DAC). However I do have a ADCOM 5 channel Amp, and a Carver Pre. Would it be possible to use these rather than the Denon 3310 (I am told that I cannot connect the Servo amp to the Denon 3310 Receiver, that I need a Pre-amp)
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Greg replied, and I hope that he may read this also and I can get rid of this obsession of mine to get those Woofers in the Gen V working! My number if you care to phone is 651.699.1502.
Gary Koh is the go to guy at Genesis. I don't know if he pops in here much but he holds court holds court at What's Best where he helps people with technical questions and straight talk about how to best keep their Genesis gear on song. Here is a URL:
It depends how long. Year or perhaps even two wouldn't matter but equipment unpowered for very long time might fail with possible explosion. It is because electrolyte in Aluminum electrolytic capacitors eats out dielectric - Aluminum Oxide, lowering breakdown voltage. Larger caps tend to have mechanical fuses protecting against explosion, but mess inside won't be pretty. The best would be to power it for at least a day at lower line voltage (using Variac) increasing it slowly, for instance from 60-100%, since presence of voltage rebuilds dielectric layer.