Genesis V servo amp

I have a pair of Gen 5' since about 1997 or so, and have never hooked up the servo amp to them. I first wonder what I am missing (I have the Gen 900 Sub connected. Someone (a dealer) told me I am missing a lot of good sound by not having them in the system....So what do you think? Is that accurate?

Second question: I am told that owing to the fact that the Servo has never been put into service that the capisitors would probably not be in working order. Is this so? and would it do any harm if I attempted to put them in the system, or could I blow it up, or worse hurt the speakers themselves?
Gary Koh, the resident guru at the company since Arnie Nudell's departure has a manufacturer's forum on What's Best. He deals with a lot of issues from people wanting to keep their older Genesis speakers in good shape. I suspect that he will be better able to help you there.