Genesis Time Lens improvement?

I wonder if any of you have any experiences with the
Genesis Time Lens? I've found an audible difference
in sound quality between not only between different
interfaces between the CD transport and D/A (i.e., AT&T,
coaxial) but also between different cables between
these interfaces. The transport and D/A I'm using are
both from Krell. I thought the reclocking and storage
the Genesis provides might improve things.

I guess it all depends on how old your Krell D/A is. Older D/A's had little or no jitter filtering or reclocking. My old Forsell D/A (vintage 1994) did not have such filtering; the addition of the Genesis made a dramatic improvement. However, my guess is that if you're dealing with modern gear, the addition of the Genesis is probably superfluous.
I own a 37 and 36 Levinson. The Digital Lens made a significant improvement. Not huge, but worth the $ on the current used market. I also have noticed a very substantial difference between cables (mind you I didn't say improvement, but difference). I've found the AQ falcon to perform the best for my tastes and the Cardas lightening second and the Orchid was a distant third--but I think it is very system dependent. As for the lens--well it's probably much better than just about any reclocking device and with Genesis out of business the price should be very right (or don't get it at all)
From what I remember many of the Lens had a rather loud hum to them.
Thanks for the input. BTW, I'm using a Krell MD1
and SBP64X, both first generation digital products
(from Krell).

The comment about the hum concerns me a little. I
remember having an old Carver receiver when I first
started getting involved in audio; the hum was so loud
(even with a piece of carpeting underneath you could
easily hear it across the room) that I ended up giving
it to my dad. Great excuse for upgrading, though... ;-)

One last question; did any of you find any differences
with cables once the lens was in use?
The differences in cables still existed at least from the lens to the D/A. I never experimented enough to know about the transport to the lens.