Genesis - Selling England by the Pound SACD

Just heared the good news, this incredible album is finally released on SACD, it seems to have a DTS DVD audio of the album as well. I am ordering my copy today from Amazon, doesn't seem to be instock yet.... Anyone managed to get a copy ? would like to hear some feedback, comments.
Waiting for the box set.
I'm waiting for the boxed set also.

I have an original CD mastering of SEBTP. It leaves much to be desired. Original Famous Charisma Label vinyl is better.

I have the most recent but aging remaster of "Foxtrot" on CD. This mastering is not bad at all, and superior to the original CD mastering, but I still think it might be done better.

SEBTP is of course one of the most highly regarded symphonic rock albums of all time, so any new version that offers better sound will be welcomed by many!
I had ordered a copy from CD-WOW but they just canceled it saying they were unable to get it (along with Lamb Lies Down ..) As far as I can tell, the US versions do not have SACD layers but do have DVD audio of some type, but the Euro versions have both SACD and DVD versions. Has anyone gotten copies of either to report on?
I've often wondered why SEBTP's sonics don't approach the other Gabriel led Genesis vinyl.

I find Nursery Chryme, Foxtrot, Live, and Lamb markedly better based on the original Famous Charisma Label (Lamb is on Atco) releases.

I've not heard any of the digital versions.
I'll have to give it another listen, but I don't recall the sound on my copy of SEBTP on Famous Charisma as being inferior to the others (even though my copy has a lot of wear).

It is definitely produced and mixed has a softer and more pastoral theme and sound overall. Perhaps noise during vinyl playback is more of an issue as a result.

It could just be a result of inconsistent production quality on the various vinyl releases. Sound quality on rock albums in general was heading south for various reasons towards the middle 70's IMHO.
The SACD box will be released in late December in time for Christmas I suppose.
This new set is also going to be on vinyl. Anybody know if the first two SACD boxes were also issued in lp form?
Genesis 1970-1975 SACD set (with PAL video) has been released; got my copy yesterday. Absolutely fabulous in SACD 5.1 - a must buy IMO! I think the SACD set with NTSC video may be a bit harder to come by.

I do not believe the earlier sets were released on vinyl.

I'd be curious how the sound of the 2 channel CD mix compares?