Genesis Lens Remote

I have a Genesis lens I have had for years and in a resent move I have lost the remote. Does anyone know if they are available or if there is a universal remote will work with the lens? Please help
The Logitech Harmony database lists the Genesis Digital Lens as being supported by their universal remotes.

Click the link above, enter 'Genesis' in the manufacturer box and 'Digital Lens' in the device box.

There are lots of Harmony remote models from very simple ones that support only a few devices to exotic ones with backlit screens and programming options. If the Genesis is the only thing you need to control probably any of their simpler remotes would do.

To configure the remote for your device you plug it into a USB port on a computer, go to the Harmony database and download the commands to the remote.
Awesome thanks for the information Sfar ordered one today. I am now in the market to find another Genesis lens for a second system. If anyone out there has one let me know

Thanks again