I am looking to get a pair of genesis IM 8300 has anyone heard these speakers if so what were there good and bad points?
Used to own a pair. Decent imaging but they look like
a pair of gloss black garbage cans, and they tend to
be somewhat shrill. I liked the Soliloquy 5.0 monitors
I used to own more than the IM-8300.
These are terrific speakers! Fantastic imaging, tonal balance, depth, bass response and electrifying dynamics with enough power (300W tube).

They are demanding speakers - they have to be about 4ft (or more) away from the rear the wall and carefully moved apart until you get a precise image. They must be bi-wired with really, really good speaker cable. They cannot be toed-in even a fraction - you have to stretch some string across the front of the speakers and use it as a plumb line. And you have to have very good equipment. They must be put on the Genesis stands in order to lean back at the right angle. They are not suitable for a home theatre set-up.

The speaker is not made of MDF, but made up of a three-layer sandwich of woods. The cylindrical shape is ideal for rigidity and avoiding resonance peaks without the complexity introduced by internal bracing. And it is finished in a very durable eco-friendly black that just loves to be polished with car wax. I loved the shape.

There are two knobs on the back for tweeter and mid/bass level. Tweeter level is usually about one click before 9 o'clock. Mid/bass level is usually about two clicks from minimum level. They will sound terrible if these adjustments are off.

Genesis can replace the tweeter and the midrange driver. They cannot replace the woofer.

I think the IM series was (and still is) ahead of its time.
Yes, it is a good speaker. I own a pair for a second system. I disagree with the comment about shrillness; if anything, I find it's treble balance a bit soft. HP in TAS referred to the ribbon tweeter in the IM8300 as second only to the Maggie ribbons. I find it very smooth and if anything a little on the "sweet" side; IMO, good solid state is the ticket. With my Manley 200's, the sound is a little too soft. I find it images well, although not a particularly large soundstage. Very nice midrange. It's main deficiency IMO, is in bass extension; adequate, but not very deep for a speaker this size. A word of caution: inspect very carefully the woofer surrounds. Mine have deteriorated and will need replacement. Gently rub your finger along the surround, and if little rubberry "flakes" come off, they are on their way out.

Good luck.
Yes, very good.

Excellent in fact. I have had my paid for about 4 years. I also thought that the bass response was not very good in the very low frequencies. That changed once I connected a tube preamp instead of a solid state and later on a passive 'preamp'. The tube pre (Dared SL-2000A) REALLY made the difference in the bass response. So much so that I blew the surrounds off one of the woofers during the first two hours of listening!

Until I got this preamp I was considering changing the speakers, now I think I'll hold on to them for as long as there are spare parts. (I also have to replace a midrange dome that I damaged during the last relocation).

The design and the choice of components (especially that freaky circumference driven, suspensionless midrange titanum dome) is truly ahead of its time.

If you can find a pair for sale, buy it. (no I am not selling mine ;-) )