Genesis II, Genesis II.5 and Genesis 200

Pros vs cons, amplification issues, room setup, etc.

Thanks, Bill
I owned a pair of II.5 and 200's. I drove both with Jadis amps on the top end. Both speakers lacked bottom end in my specific room and system. It was unfathonable that I could not obtain a punishing bass slam from a servo powered woofer system of this magnitude. My room is, in my opinion, inadequately small. Ceiling height, at 7.5 ft. being the most limiting factor. Side walls 13 ft. apart.

I have heard the Ones's in a huge room, driven by Paul Mcgowan's electronics...everything from sounstage to extension was some of the best I had ever heard. The right room and electronics should be weighed in your considerations.

Due to the 200's separate bass towers, I much prefered it's flexibilty allowing for best location. Both speakers were/are great reproducers of music.
Are this Genesis in the same level of sound quality that the olders Arnie Nudell's Infinity IRS designs(V and Beta)??