Genesis Digital Lense

Anyone tried this? Does it work and to what extent? Thanks.
The Meridian 518 works much better and is more flexible, I used to own one and liked it very much.
Yes I recently got one used.there are some real bargains on these.These units are very well built former class a sterephile retailed for $1895.When I first added to my system I put on one of the Hendrix remasters.To give you a comparison I also have the same Hendrix LP's. On the LP you can clearly hear the background tape hiss and other production noises that are almost hallmarks of any of his recordings.The remaster CD's are quieter almost to a fault.The enherent noise is what gives these recordings thier character.Anyway I popped in Electric Ladyland and started up Voodoo Chile and was immediatly struck by the presence of the guitar.For the first time on CD I could clearly hear that amp humming,that wah wah simmering,fantastic in a word.I got the same results with any CD I tried.You get a sense that you can hear much further into the recording.Highly recommended
I think that the Lens offers improvement in most digital 2 box systems. The used prices have really dropped. PS Audio has a new Digital Lens in the works,(PS Audio's founder developed the Lens for Genesis)after they catch up with their new Power Plants and Amps. demand they will start working on it.(According to their newsletter)I think a serious question will be if the Lens will be even needed if SACD or DVD-Audio takes off.
I found the lens to improve resolution to a level that going back was unthinkable - but Rec has a point re the new standards.
Mar00, I've had the Hendrix remasters on MCA LP for nearly 3 years now, and enjoy them very much! They are a testament to what the LP medium can do IMO, and perhaps are much better than the CD remasters. That's only a guess (I don't have the remasters on CD), but it's what I'd bet on. These LP's are more dynamic, lifelike, musical, and transparent than ANY compact disc I have ever owned, even thru my $3000 CD player. If you're into vinyl, you should snap these up while you can. If not, it's still good to hear that someone else loves these Hendrix remasters! I can't say I'm thrilled to hear them popping up in car tv commercials all the time, though....If there was ever a generation that has collectively and hypocritically "sold out", it's the so-called "baby boomers" IMO!
Folks, Speaking of Jimi, what are the current best CD remasters available today? I'd like to add SRV as another artist. I guess I should start another thread, but I'll see what you guys come up with. Thanks in advance.
Hey Carl and sfbay I do have the MCA rem lp's and I agree 1000% they put the same cd's to shame.Thats exactly why I used the comparison as an example of what the Genesis unit can do for CD playback.SFbay it's the MCA Hendrix family authorized remasters.Thev'e been around for awile and are readily available at your local store and by the way they are quite good.Hey I 'm an SRV fan myself check out the now OOP Mobile Fidelity Sky Is Crying Gold disc or the equally fantastic Couldn't Stand The Weather on the Sony classic gold disc.