Genesis Digital Lens Latest Version

Can anyone tell me what is the latest eprom version of the Genesis digital lens that was produced.
Do you know what serial number that started the production of this latest version?
Is there a sonic difference between the versions?
Thank you for any help!
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SN's after 111209 had the latest chip.
The below is a note I kept from my previous reading:

"If you bought a Lens with serial number lower than 111209, it has the old output driver" (from Sterophile review) - the new ouput driver is apparently much superior.
Thank you for your responses! It's seems a though there are updated eproms such as V2.2 to V2.6 versions. Is anyone familiar with the differences between the two and the sonic improvements if any.
Thank you!
Well is it any good? How does it sound (old or new versions)?
I notice the post some years ago indicating that there may be a V2.6 EPROM for the Lens. Most machines I have seen are v 2.2. I am interested to learn whether this is fact and whether anyone has a machine with version 2.6. If so it should be possible to copy the EPROM which I am sure would be of interest to other owners given that PS Audio no longer support this device. Does anyone have any additional information? Thanx.

Technology has advanced to the point that you can achieve even better results a lot cheaper. The Synchro-Mesh will do the trick and does not have the downside of eventual memory underrun or overrun ( can happen with long playlists).

I take your point and thanx for identifying the device. It does of course re-compute samples as it is a sampling rate converter at heart, I would prefer not to do this as the goal is only to reduce source jitter. I have a lens and was just wanting to get it to the final production spec.