genesis digital lens

I have read all the reviews (all positive). Is it worth it?
I had one using it with a CEC TL-2 transport. For the money (used)+/-$650, it can improve the performance of your transport. It gave me more spaciousness, wider soundstage with perhaps a slight compromise in bass. I sold it when I bought a Theta DaViD. The DaViD is so accurate, the Genesis'display of timing error would just show "0" while the CEC was around 17-30 ppm off. I would try it if you don't have good jitter reduction circuitry in your DAC. Buy one used only. There are too many of them out there to even consider buying one new. Good Listening Brandt
Definitely worth it at used c.$650. I bought one at that price to use with my PS Audio Lambda/UltraLink combo, and it much improved the sound: in particular, reducing the amoung of digital 'glare' and better separation of orchestral instruments. I didn't notice any reduction in bass response. One caveat: use really good interconnects, such as the Kimber D-60, or you won't get the improvements.
Perpetual Tech combines jitter with 24/96 upsampling in their P-1A. Go to for more info
My digital equipment includes a Theta Data III, Z-Systems RDP, Sigtech Room DSP, a Theta Pro Gen Va up graded to 24/96, a MSB Platinum DAC and a Digital Lens. I use Kimber Orchid and D-60 interconnects. I was disappointed in the Perpetual Technologies P-1a.I had it in my system for three weeks and it increased the digital glare through the Theta and the MSB DAC with or without upsampling. The wall wart power supply is a joke and introduced all sorts of clicks and noise and I use PS audio power plants. The Digital Lens does increase the seperation of the instruments but the better the equipment the less noticable it is. With the new MSB Platinum which is noticably better than the Pro Gen Va the effect is minimal. But it is quite noticable with the the two Theta units. For $600 it is worth it but as said above you must use superb interconnects.