Genesis APM-1 to AV123 Strata Mini. Upgrade or

Downgrade? Contemplating doing this. Equipment is PL 6 monos, Parasound P3 pre, Pioneer blu ray player, Oppo 983H universal player, too (for SACD.) Speaker cables are PS Audio statement extreme, everything else is MIT. Room is 13 x 17 x 8 (LWH). Speaks are on the long wall. I like everything except rap, country and opera.
Help me out here guys. I've got the bug again.
I have never heard the Strata Mini but have heard the APM-1's which are fine speakers.

Just looking at the specs I would guess the APM-1's are the better speakers especially in the bass.

AV123 does have a 30-day return policy but I imagine you would have to pay return shipping which would be costly.

You will never know unless you compare the 2 sets of speakers in your own system. Maybe the added shipping cost will be worth it.
Not really comparing apples with apples here. The genesis speakers cost 5 times the price of the strata mini's. With that being said, if you look closely at the strata's you will see that the ribbon tweeter is the exact same tweeter as in the genesis. The genesis are big powerful speakers and would probably do better in a larger room than yours. Your room is a good fit for the mini's. I use them in a 14x16 room and they get plenty loud and sound good at distances of as little as 6 feet. They are no longer in production so you will have to buy a used pair. They currently range in price from 900-1400 used depending on finish. They also like a lot of power. Overall, very impressive sound for the money. They are not bright sounding but musical and full in the bass.
Jig: Thanks for the response. I emailed AV123 and Jess there said they're getting their next batch in a few months. Just so you know. I see we have similar rooms.
Like MJaudio said above, I'm going to have to A/B them here.

Thanks guys!