Genesis APM-1 subwoofer substitute

This speaker is somewhat renowned for problems with the subwoofer amp but, even so, I am interested in purchasing a pair. Because it appears to be a major problem/expense to find someone to repair them I'm looking for an alternative approach to this repair challenge.

I'm not able to locate a manual so don't have a way to evaluate the circuitry and am wondering if it makes any sense to disconnect the subwoofer circuitry on both speakers and use a single stand alone sub powered directly from the stereo amplifier. Another alternative to this potentially ill conceived approach would be to use a powered sub to each speaker. The challenge here would be to somehow find a way to feed them using the crossover circuitry in the existing speakers.

Also, these speakers have what appears to to be a involved set of controls that probably rely on all of the circuitry to be in place. Again, though, the lack of access to manuals complicates the challenge.

This issue appears to be somewhat common and these speakers are worth spending time and effort on their repair so I'm hoping there is someone out there with some advice that would either help with a fix or keep me from getting in over my head.
Broadstone: I have the manual that i can email you. I don't know how much you're ready to invest in these speakers. But check this out. Gary Koh from Genesis sends out his periodic emails updating Genesis owners on new stuff for new speakers, as well as the older ones. There is an upgrade to replace the entire plate amplifier and power supply to the APM-1s. From what i understand, the buyer can make this change at home. Now the price: $2500 per speaker, plus shipping. Do a search here on Audiogon for the APM-1s, as there are tidbits of information scattered about.
Contact Rick Cullen at Cullen Circuits to fix any plate amplifier issues you may have, or encounter in the future. I think he's in Paso Robles, CA. (wyred 4 sound)
Jorge, thanks very much for the offer. I'd be willing to pay whatever your price may be. I have been to every site that even hinted about info for these speakers. The owner is asking $1000 which seems fair even though one of the woofer servos is not working. I'm still thinking about this purchase and would be glad to return the manual after I review and copy it. Thanks
Broadstone: A fellow, and very generous, audiogonner passed it on to me. I will be more than happy to do the same for you. He sent it to me in the form of a copy through email. Where would you like it sent?
FYI, Rick Cullen fixed one of my plate amps a few years ago. On the pair you potentially buy, it could be something as simple as checking and replacing the fuse(s).
Let me know how it works out.

I owned the APM'S for about six months. They are most enjoyable when running correctly. However... There is such a vast array of adjustments that they will sound like monsters invading your home if not correctly tuned. I had no problems what-so-ever with my newer style woofer amp. Genesis was absolutely wonderful to deal with when I needed advice and also in helping me replace a tweeter. I am sure that they will help you in what ever way that you may need help with the APM'S.
I sadly sold them. I had used a verity of amps with them... Both tube and SS. The best was an Edge M6M for solid state, and a Kora 40 watt tube amp was very synergistic with the APMs.
I often thought of just disengaging the "surfboards" from the woofers entirely and doing something else for low frequencies. ... But my wife hated the things and one knows how that goes.. I really don't care what anyone else says about the APM'S. I believe that they rank amoung the finest speakers ever made. They can wash large scale music over you like a tidal wave and put a mouse to sleep with their low level detail. You can drive them with a dime and get change back... Or you can watch them eat a pair of Krells for lunch and spoon up a Bryston for desert. My wife keeps a closer eye on me now because of those things, forever scanning over my shoulder for the word Genesis on my screen.
Good luck to you.. However I know that you can get your answers directly from the horses mouth.

I know this is a particularly long shot, but has anyone come up with the manual or circuit info on these bass amplifiers for the APM-1 ?

I have a pair with the dreaded dead amplifiers and have been trying for years to get them repaired.

I would even consider buying spare non-working amps in the hope I can get spare parts to complete mine... will fix it.  if he can't, he'll find you someone who can.  just be patient. it may take a few days before he gets back to you with a quote.

good luck.

Soon I will be working on a pair of apm-1 for a friend since they have made advancements in subwoofer plate amplifiers I will buy a pair of those to replace failed I would also outboard the plate amps so as to leave the stock intact. I may also upgrade sub driver and will redo networks. I have found apm-1 available from $500 up so cost will be factored into upgrades and repairs. Spending $5k as one member suggest for repairs plus shipping would be crazy since values low on these and most likely will not increase.