Genesis APM 1 Speaker

Like to know what you think of the Genesis Speaker and what would you compare it to What class of speaker would it fall into
there is a post by someone else about these speakers. look back about 10-12 days.
Yo Accel, By class do you mean Stereo-pile Class A, Class B etc? I don't think that they have been reviewed yet. I have heard them and thought that: 1. They are overpriced. It seems the only way dealers are able to sell them is by discounting them deeply. 2. Soundstage and image were disappointing; so was the clipped on one cut at relatively low levels. 3. Reliability is questionable...the dealer had another pair torn down for repairs and I got to inspect the quality of the components. I wasn't impressed. Apparently neither was the dealer...he has since stopped handling the Genesis line replacing them with Meridian and JM Labs. For the other side of the coin see the review by John Potis at Best regards.
Yada yada. There have always been genesis nay-sayers just as with all other brands... Talk to someone who owns them. I personally own the 501, but the APM-1 was a closer contender when I made my decision. I don't know why they are being discounted, but they are a great value IMHO.
Just read the reviews on Actual people that own them will tell you exactly how they are not. I personally own a pair and I agree with Joliet, They are a great a value not to mention their appearance. The break in time is a little extensive but once that's over WATCH OUT!. I bought them from an excellent person, UnderwoodWally which sells them on this site if your interested. I hope this helps you out.
My 501s took around 500~700 hours to fully break in! I think it's the aluminum/titanium cone drivers used in these speakers. (The APM-1 & 501 use the same drivers with the exception of the sub section.)