Genesis APM-1 Plate Amp Repair or Replacement

My second plate amp died, rendering my speaker system usless.
Does anyone have an idea on how I can save these wonderful, useless speakers? PLEASE!!!

First thing,have you checked the fuses? This is what I found with a quick web search..... A large warning at the end of the instruction manual says: "Should your woofer amplifier unexpectedly turn off and you are unable to turn it back on, you have overheated the amplifier or have played it too hard. It may take up to ten minutes for the amplifier to turn back on."
If this doesn't work you should probably contact Genesis. The plate amp is a Genesis design and more than likely can't be outsourced.Hope this helps.
Fgalea: If what Tpreaves says to check doesn't work, contact Rick Cullen at Cullen circuits. Google them. They're in Paso Robles, CA. I had one amp fixed by them, Rick personally told me he either designed the amp or the circuits for the amp (I don't remember.) And the service turnaround time was great. Really good people. (they check their emails and respond very promptly.) Good luck!
Tpreaves: Do you know where i can get the manual for this speaker? I've been looking for this for about 2 years! Can't find it dude!
The website only has new products.Follow the path below to send an inquiry.BTW,they are in Singapore. us
3.general inquiries
4.fill out the form asking what you want to know
Tpreaves: I started looking by contacting the website you described above. Evidently, when the old Genesis went under or switched hands, or whatever, the new Genesis (the current one) got no papers for the older models. So I searched and searched the web to no avail. Then, a fellow 'goner told me that he had a friend that had a copy and would work on getting it over to me. That hope went unanswered as well. But check this out: Today I got a private message from another 'goner telling me to contact Cullen Circiuts! They're supposed to be able to help me with the manual, too! Go figure! I will do just that!
Thanks, everyone!
Happy Listening!
Jorge, I hope you get your speakers back up to par.
Tpreaves: Speakers are fixed and singing and humming as usual. But now I am waiting on Rick's response to see if he has the manual.


Hello Fgalea,

Try contacting Gary Koh, President of Genesis Advanced Technologies based in Seattle. Do a search of Genesis Speakers on Google or Yahoo.

I alerted him to your post as i was discussing my new amp and speaker order with him.

He said that Rick Cullen is a good contact as he was responsible for the electronics at Genesis prior to 2001. Gary has Rick's contact details.

All current products can be directed to Genesis as they are manufactured in house.

Good luck and hope you have music soon.
Jorge,That was fast.What was the problem?
Tpreaves: I think I may have made it sound like i had two concurrent issues. Both of my plate amps went out: one 2 yrs ago and another about 3 months ago. But I have been looking for the manual since I bought them used about 2.5 years ago. I had one amp fixed by sound ideas in florida.
When the 2nd amp went out, their tech that worked on my first amp no longer worked there. So I posted here again.
And that's when I was referred to Cullen. BTW, Rick responded this morning and he doesn't have access to that manual. I forget what the issue was with the first speaker. But I had a blown fuse on the 2nd. Still looking for that manual, guys!
Again, I started with Genesis for the manual for this speaker. They don't have it.

I want to thank each of you good people for taking an interest in my problem. I will go ahead with your suggestions and see if I can save my speakers.

Sorry I couldn't reply sooner, but thanks all!!
Dear Jorgeparrapuppy,
This is old stuff now, but I did send my amp to Rick Cullen as advised. That was January 2010...he still has it, still broken. So, thank you for the idea, but I guess it's hopeless.
I bought a Daton sub-amp in hopes of salvaging the speakers, but the hook-up looks difficult to do. At least for me.
Do you or anyone know of a diagram or schematic of a generic tower speaker. Right off the bat, the speaker has a huge transformer with 4 leads in and out. Not sure if I can bypass it. Anybody??
Fgalea: While I can't offer you help on the generic tower speaker, I can't believe Rick still has your plate amp. From the time I sent him mine to the time he sent it back, I think 5 or 6 days had lapsed. Have you given up on the repair?

try to get Rick Cullens email adress for asking him about a Genesis G500 amplifier repair. Could somebody help?
Kind regards,
Andreas, Germany
Hi there,

is here someone who has the service manual for the Genesis APM-1 speaker?

Best Regards from Germany
Over the years I had several failings with the plate amps on my genesis apm1. Absence of circuit diagram made it difficult to repair. Replacement amps from takeover manufacturer seem pricey for older speakers. Steve Harms ( was able to fix my recently failed amp. cHECK HIS SERVICE OUT AT 970 224-4128