Genesis - a new loudspeaker

Are they up there with the Wilsons, Magicos, Nolans and YGS these days?
Genesis is currrently based in Seattle and is owned by Gary Koh. Back in '98 I heard their flagship floor speaker hooked up to an Ayre amp and Audible Illusions Modulus 3A Preamp and a Wadia CD player. Mid-range was absolutely stunning. Genesis also makes a killer Class-D amp that has extensive mods on a Hypex platform.
I bought a set of Genesis 2's and could not be happier. Truly a speaker to hang onto for life. At today's prices I would hate to think of the cost for new. Anyone have any reviews or specs on these. It's a bit hard to find information on these gems.

are you high again?? nothing new and the column speaker just a copy of 1980's polk audio..You must be new to audio world holy grail you tolking dude
Mountain-high, Have you actually heard these speakers? They have nothing in common with those Polk speakers except maybe the shape.

I have heard the 2.2jr's and they are very good. Very transparent and musical with the right upstream equipment.
Bassraptor, They are every bit as relevant as the brands you named. It will come down to personal taste and room requirements.