Genesis - a new loudspeaker

Are they up there with the Wilsons, Magicos, Nolans and YGS these days?
Or above any of those (potentially) if you're listening to the Dragon pictured on their Web page
Are you kidding me?!!! genesis audio speakers are the holy grail of audio! If one can afford the AND fortunate to have the space AND have the dough to afford the level of interconnect, cables AND power equipment. The 2.2 jrs run $72 large..... And worth every penny. I own the Genesis 1.2. Gary Koh is the current CEO and engineer which he purchased from the God of audio.... Annie Nudell. If you can afford... I assure you one can purchase these without ever auditioning these speakers with absolute confidence they will never desire to purchase ever again. (Btw... I am not on Gary"s payroll)
Genesis is currrently based in Seattle and is owned by Gary Koh. Back in '98 I heard their flagship floor speaker hooked up to an Ayre amp and Audible Illusions Modulus 3A Preamp and a Wadia CD player. Mid-range was absolutely stunning. Genesis also makes a killer Class-D amp that has extensive mods on a Hypex platform.
are you high again?? nothing new and the column speaker just a copy of 1980's polk audio..You must be new to audio world holy grail you tolking dude
I bought a set of Genesis 2's and could not be happier. Truly a speaker to hang onto for life. At today's prices I would hate to think of the cost for new. Anyone have any reviews or specs on these. It's a bit hard to find information on these gems.

Mountain High,

Are you serious in the Genesis as a "copy" of Polk Audio speakers. The 1.2, 200 series and 300 series are and were state of the art systems. If anyone is tolking something, it is you. Please go troll somewhere else if you have nothing to add to the conversation.

On another note, it is great that someone has kept the Genesis line alive in these tough times. I hope they do well.

Mountain-high, Have you actually heard these speakers? They have nothing in common with those Polk speakers except maybe the shape.

I have heard the 2.2jr's and they are very good. Very transparent and musical with the right upstream equipment.
Bassraptor, They are every bit as relevant as the brands you named. It will come down to personal taste and room requirements.
I heard these at the show in manhattan playing burmester electronics. The sound was nothing short of fantastic. My home system is MBL 111e playing atma sphere electronics, but it did not compare to the Genesis system in dynamics and effortless sound. Far better than the YGs IMO. If you have the space and can afford the speakers and amplification they need it should be no question. I did not hear bass heavy music in the room and this may have been by design, but such bass as needed was clean and tight. Worth traveling to hear them.
I hv heard the genesis junior 2.2 in a show and in the dealer's room.

YMMV but imho it does all the Hifi things reasonably well and sounds very nice. The bass sounds particularly taut and impressive but the bass is not the same as what one would get in live music.

On the other hand, there is no way i would want to exchange a set of Mbl 111e for even the genesis. Despite being much cheaper, even the 111e is in a higher class of speakers altogether and sounds much more like live music which is what rocks my boat.
I've heard Genesis speakers and their amp and was amazed at the sound. I don't know which model speaker it was but I'd love to have a pair. Now knowing how much they cost, I know I'll never have a pair. :-(
They are a speaker for life.

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