Genesis 501 speaker sound

I read reviews and literature concerning these speakers. However, I have never heard them. It seems that I can' t find any dealer whereby I can audition them prior to purchasing. I am updating from the Infinity IRS-Sigmas. I know that the 501's are very tuneable, but that's is all I know about them, I definitely do not want to spend BIG money for no improvement. Or worse, going backwards. I listen primarily to classical music with occasional jazz and old standards by Sinatra, Peggy Lee, some big band,etc. I would appreciate any help regarding the 501's. I use the Aragon Palladium II monoblocks with the Pass Labs X-1 preamp. Thankks
the V's are better. I don't own them now, so what I say is not biased. the 500 and now 501 is a more cost effective way to the V. all woofers in the 500 and 501 share the same cabinet, unlike the V. they are also approx 100lbs. lighter due to the simpler cabinet construction. A friend who has left this hobby own a pair that has sat unused for the past 18 months. let me know and I can put you in contact with him.
I'd go for the V's instead of the 501's. Even better, keep your Sigmas. I've had both.


Paul :-)