Genesis 500 series Amplifier repair

Hi Guys,
need to get my Genesis G500/501 amplifier fixed. I try to buy a new one from Genesis but they are out of stock and a new one from the latest series doesnt´t fix (thats what they said). In the year 2004 I bought my first replacement amp from Genesis with the LFE input. That one is still fine. The other one (without LFE) is broken down 3 or 4 times in 7 years. Have you similar experiences?
I think it´s because of the higher voltage (Germany 240V). Turning the system on (after complete shut down) is a torture for the amplifiers electronic. Good speakers anyway. I´m kindly asking you for help.
Kind regards,
Andy, Germany
Maybe try talking to Cullen Circuits in California. Web site seems to be down.
Can`t find him in the net.
Groovy: Search for Wyred 4 Sound. Rick Cullen is your contact there.
Good luck!!!