Genesis 350 vs. Carver AL-III

I currently own a pair of Carver AL-III, my AL-III high frequency roll off above 18kHz and the low is not very good. I am thinking to buy a pair of Genesis 350 to replace to Carver in the next 2 to 3 month. However one of my friend told me both speaker ribbon drivers were identical, although I can't personally confirm that and if this is true, exactly how much difference am I going to get for my money?

Any input would be nice.

It will be much better in the bass and highs, but as you know, the price difference is HUGE, so you're not really comparing apples to apples.

You could also look into speakers from Newform Research and VMPS for home theater applications and probably put together a nice full surround system for less than you'd pay for a single pair of Genesis 350s.

How much do you want to spend and what will your room dimensions support? These are questions that you'll need to address.
no comparison not even close. Genesis will absolutely murder the Carver in every sonic parameter period. Look for the 350 se version it's got better ribbons and better tweeters than the 350. the Genesis V model is a cheaper alternative to the 350 and will still totally clobber the Carver. is the room shown in your system pictures the intended room for the Genesis? If so believe that room isn't going to be big enough.
After reading Mejames' comments, i would agree that any of the Genesis speakers would not work well here. For that matter, your existing installation could probably sound GOBS better by repositioning your speakers and applying some room treatments behind them. As such, i would work with what you have and look at your speaker / room interphase before investing any more money on gear. Any change in gear is going to be limited by the placement / loading / acoustics that you have to deal with as it is now. Sean
My room size is L=16ft W=14ft H=9ft and is use only for my 2 channel and home theater, I am now using all M&K for home theater and want to use the 350 for the two channel.

I underestand price difference is huge (Al-III $2000 and a good use 350 is $11000) one of my friend in Lake Tahoe own a pair of Genesis 1 and it is a totally different ball game, the G-1 totally kick ass and kill my al-III. However I don't have $100,000 for a G-1 and I believe the 350 is the next best thing.
your room dimensions will not be sufficient for the Genesis 350 speakers I'd say I believe the Genesis V would be better for your room they are considerably smaller speakers they have excellent reviews.
This is very sad, my wife already approved the $$ to buy the 350 and after we listen to G-1 at my friend house, we are both in love with Genesis. I am not saying the Carver is a bad speaker, I am very happy with the al-3, I own it since 1995, but as Mejames stated "Genesis will absolutely murder the Carver in every sonic parameter period" May be building a extention to my house is the answer??
try to audition the Genesis V or similar model speakers they would work in your current room. Or add a room for the bigger Genesis you wouldn't regret it I'm sure.
Hi Mejames

I will take your advice and try audition the Genesis V, I suppost I can find a G5 in San Francisco. However I love the sond of the ribbons, you can tell by I own the al-3 for almost 10 years, last night I put in [Andy Williams - The Moon River Collection HDCD 24bit/96KHz] in my Shanling player, close my eyes, turn off the light and it sonds like Andy Williams is standing and singing in front of me.

Me and my wife already plant to add a extention to the house since January, two floors, 400 sqft (25' x 16') each floor, two new bedrooms in the upper floor and a in-law in the first floor. I suppost I can somehow add a room big enough for the 350. I already send a email to Genesis for the min room size requirement for the 350 and hope everything will work-out.

May be the G5 will be more than sufficient or may be I am ways over my head?
Either the G350's, the Genesis V's the 500's or the 501's would work well in your room. I actually have put G 2's in a room with similar dimensions as well as G201's and they sound spectacular. I also have had the G 2.5's in a room that size which are a bit larger in width then the 350's. Genesis speakers can be set up to work in just about any room configuration. Of course the better the room the easier it is. Also in smaller rooms, as good as these speakers sound, a bigger room would make them sound even better. If you were to choose to go with the 350's or the 350se you would not be disappointed. Keep in mind, if you are using this room for home theater your viewing would be limited for guests. If you went with a new pair of 501's I know you would be better off then a used pair of 350's. It would be a better buy knowing that the technology in the new products are far superior then that of the old, and in my opinion sound much better. The new 501's in your room would knock your socks off. I know this, because I currently have a pair in my room. Dimensions L20' X W14' X H10'
I beg to partially disagree with Brutusab & agree with mejames, as follows:
*The Gen V (to a lesser extent, the 501), the 350 & 2 are better than the Carver (which was a very good spkr design for its time IMO)

Remember, G5's DIFFER from the other models in that the midrange is dynamic (2 drivers) whereas the others use a B&G ribbon -- the ribbon is easily available, BTW. The tweets were the same. So the sound is slightly different. Also, it's apparently not very difficult to upgrade a 350 to "SE"; just change the mid ribbon and, if so inclined, change the tweets as well.

*The 350 and, in extremis, the 2's *could* play in your room; you just have to measure the room modes, and tweak placement & the panel/subwoof parametres. HOWEVER, they will NOT give their best esp for large orchestral pieces. I've found they work best far-field (i.e. listening beyond the critical distance), and your present room isn't big enough.

*The Gen V are probably the limit; as they can easily deal with a much larger space, too, this may be a good solution for you.

Ultimately, you may think you're "over your head":) in considering the bigger models -- but the Gen V's are exquisite and, IMO, rival the 350 and, somewhat, the G2 -- BUT they are somewhat different, as noted above:
-the G5 (micro)dynamics are a bit enhanced, while the air around instruments is better with the ribbon series.
-the achievable spl is higher with the bigger models
-I would say that the G2 & G5 are better value -- if there is value @ these high prices...
Gregm little information here the 350 upgrade to the 350 SE isn't just changing the ribbon midrange it also adds 9 additional ribbon tweeters on the front of each speaker and believe a additional rear tweeter or 2 is added it ends up with the same midrange/tweeter configuration as the 201's I'm sure the crossover has changes also for SE. otherwise I agree with your comments. Believe the latest 5 series would fit this particular system and room in question best definitely
Thanks for the clarification, Mejames!
Regarding your original question "Topvideo", the midrange drivers in the Carver speakers are very different from those in the current Genesis 350. Genesis uses a midrange ribbon manufactured by Bohlender & Graebener, the Carver speaker used a Carver driver. The confusion exists because the old Genesis speakers used the same Carver driver for a while. I know my Genesis II's used the Carver driver. Those Carver drivers deteriorate with age (exhibiting nasty intermittent problems as they die), so I replaced my Carver midranges with the Bohlender & Graebener drivers, which were dramatically better. (By the way, Genesis offers a midrange modification for the Genesis II's if you upgrade the midrange drivers from Carver to Bohlender & Graebener, but I think the Genesis II sounds far better with the new drivers and WITHOUT the crossover modification - this of course just my opinion.) I later bought the Genesis 201 - see my "for sale" ad for those on Audiogon. I don't know whether the original Genesis 350 used the Carver driver, but they certainly do not now. If you buy a used pair of 350's, I personally would avoid any that used the Carver driver (if that was ever the case) first because the new driver sounds so much better, and secondly because they will fail with time. Also, I am not sure I would rule out the 350's for your room. The reason is the line source design minimizes side wall reflections and the bass volume can be adjusted with the bass amplifier (I say this because I would be worried about bass overload in your room if you had no ability to adjust the bass). The Genesis V offers incredible sound (one of Genesis' finest designs in my opinion), but the midrange will not offer the remarkable transparency of a ribbon midrange like the one in the 350, the 201 and 1.1. Whatever Genesis speaker you buy, I would make sure it has been manufactured by the new company. Although the Genesis folks try to be very helpful about the old Genesis products, they are under no obligation to support them. Also, see if you can get an in-home demo of the speaker since the room has such a dramatic impact on the sound, but less so with line source designs like the 350, 201 etc.
Mejames, hi, a halcro dm58 giving away 200 watts, will it mate well with the genesis 201?