Genesis 210 Speakers

Anyone have any experience with these? Are they any good? A buddy of mine has a pair he is selling, but they need re-foamed due to age. He is the original owner and are in excellent cosmetic condition. Trying to get some idea what they sound like and what power is needed for them? If they are a good sounding speakers, what would be a good price for them? We have no idea what their value would be. 
I re-foamed some of the Genesis speakers years ago, along with Large Advents, etc. In my opinion they were good back in the time they were made, but bass was lacking or boomy and resolution would not compete with modern speakers. They are pleasant to listen to, however, but also they don't bring much money. Even after spending $$$ and hours on re-foaming, it is often difficult to get $50 - $100 for a pair of them. It seems that alot less people are into the vintage gear than there used to be. As it was explained to me, it has to be a labor of love to fix up and re-foam these old speakers because you barely get your money back out of them and you never get the time your spent back out of them. I still enjoy them, however and good luck.